Parvatiya Jan Kalyan Sansthan (PJKS) is a non-government, not for profit organization that has been working for the empowerment of the marginalized and deprived communities of Uttarakhand. Since its inception in 1990 the organization has been working for the economic and social development of people.

In PJKS we believe that when people get the opportunity to identify their needs and plan accordingly, the schemes and programmes crafted for them are optimally utilized and render the best results. Through participatory approach, PJKS always follows a bottom-up approach in all of its verticles and ensure informed participation of communities in its programmes.

Over the period, the organization has marked its presence as a committed, target oriented development agency, guided by professional values, with long-term objectives to pursue integrated community development.

In the journey of two decades, we have undertaken various interventions on theĀ  issues like, livelihood and watershed management, value chain interventions, research & documentation, natural resource management, women empowerment, strengthening PRI, health and RCH, micro enterprise development etc.