A Baseline survey/PRA & Micro Planning exercise has been conducted in each and every village with support of community members to collect detailed demographic information of target area (details included information on households and their status in terms of functioning), assessment of community needs and planning for the optimum and sustainable utilization of available resources. The PRA Tools adopted was;
Transit Walk, Resource Mapping, Matrix Scoring of Resources, Venn Diagrams, IPC and Group Discussions.

Findings of the PRA have revealed the following:

  • Soil erosion is a major issue being faced by the communities of the watershed area.
  • Agriculture land is rain-fed and fields are occasionally double cropped but mostly single cropped.
  • Due to limitation of feeding or grazing the livestock is poor and less in number.
  • The yield of cattle is low due to the limited availability of fodder as the common pasturelands have degraded owing to lack of effective management.
  • A great majority of village youth, who for various reasons could not find place in armed forces or other government jobs, have migrated.
  • Extensive deeply rooted alcoholism in male society.
  • Women suffer the most owing to the absence of menfolk and are under tremendous work burden.

These findings have been used for planning the project activities as well as monitoring the progress. Demographic information has also been utilized to identify villages for a formation of new SHGs. Existing vocational skills and local alternative livelihood opportunities available in the target communities has also been identified during PRA & baseline survey.