Become a Volunteer in PJKS which is a Non-Profit Corporation.

Do you ever wish you could share your talent, time and skills with those less privileged than you? Are you not quite sure where to begin?

If your answer is yes, then get involved and volunteer with Parvatiya Jan Kalyan Sansthan and be a catalyst for underprivileged community.

We recognize that contributions of time and talent are just as important as financial contributions. We, thus, encourage people to contribute their time by making a conscious effort in participating in our programs to accelerate social and economic change in our country.

The opportunities for volunteering here are many and meaningful; The Parvatiya Jan Kalyan Sansthan is a group of people just like you. The key is to find a volunteer position that you would enjoy and are capable of doing.
PJKS welcomes all committed people, young or old, to come and volunteer to reach out to more and needier people. Both in normal times and in times of natural disasters, volunteers have an active role to play. Professionals or students, the retired or the serving, all can help in carrying out Programs or Advocacy work. Please write a short note about yourself including your phone no. and mail it to

Join our team and start volunteering.