Capacity Building of CSOs & CBOs

There had been a growing realization in PJKS that inspite of having large number of NGOs in Uttarakhand, coordinated efforts is lacking. Each NGO works with minimal of dialogue and cooperation with other members of Voluntary sector. This leads to duplicity of efforts, wasteful competition and an atmosphere of mistrust and rivalry.

Way back in the year 1996 PJKS undertook an exploratory study to assess the capacities of some of the local NGOs in the Uttarakhand region of then UP state. Majority of NGOs were found to be lacking in  human and monetary resources along with low levels of skills and knowledge,They had limited fundraising capacities, and poor documentation skills. To improve the situation PJKS made a pool of 34 voluntary organisations from Uttarakhand region and formed a network named SAMBANDH, in the year 1997. This initiative was supported by IGSSS.

In its formative years  the network focused more on the capacity building of NGOs in watershed development. Gradually it  widened scope to take up other issues. After  nearly 4 years of it’s support PJKS withdrew itself from the network. The network had a membership of nearly 100 voluntary organisations from all parts of Uttarakhand.

Main objectives of the network were as follows-

  • To provide an interactive platform for various NGOs working in remote hill villages in Uttarakhand.
  • To evolve a collective strategy and approach towards various development initiatives.
  • To identify and share the knowledge and resources available with the various member organisations.

PJKS is still working on its mission of bringing synergy in fraternity of NGOs and still feels issue based networking at microlevels may empower community as well as social actions through voluntary interventions.