Various awareness programs has been organized to motivate and mobilize the community for the effective management of resources in the villages, to co-operate and collaborate and building their capacities to function effectively i.e. regular tasks of office bearers, meeting procedures, documentation, monitoring, interacting with govt. functionaries etc. Audio visual aids, Nukkad Nataks (Street Shows) & Puppet Shows were used as tools for awareness generation and community mobilization. Village level local government, the Gram Panchayat, Van Panchayats, and Producer Groups were the vehicles for planning and implementation at the village level. Community based institutions like Watershed Committees has also been formed. These WCs are registered as a non-profit organization under the Societies Registration Act and are comprised of members from the villages under each watershed. The WCs are responsible for the implementation of programme activities in their respective areas and it is the people from the WCs who planned the project activities and then submitted a budget to PJKS for undertaking those activities. This arrangement not only ensures that there is complete transparency in the allocation and spending of funds but also that the activities have been undertaken as per the direction of the communities themselves and not imposed upon them.