Governing Body of PJKS a CSR approved NGO

The Governing Body has the responsibility to steer PJKS (CSR Approved NGO) in policy directions and delivery.  It includes representation from various sectors like education, law, social sector, community organisation, medicine etc. The governing body provides direction and pro-bono support to our constituents.

Governing Body Members

Name Designation Profession
Shri Madan Joshi President Social Worker
Shri D. Antonio Jacob Vice President Social Worker
Shri Sanjay Kothiyal Secretary Social Worker
Shri Rakesh Bartwal Treasurer Social Worker
Smt. Pushpa Negi Member Social Worker
Shri Rakesh Uniyal Member Social Worker
Shri Harish Uniyal Member Social Worker
Ms. Mona Bhatia Member Social Worker
Shri Promod Uniyal Member Social Worker
Smt. Laxmi Ramola Member Social Worker
Ms. Sarla Maithani Member Social Worker


The Core Team/Specialists

The Governing Body is supported by our Core Team, which includes experts, consultants, and executives from different fields. The core team is responsible for capacity building, strategy formulation, advocacy, research, performance management, implementation and communications.  The Core Team reports to the General Secretary and Chief Executive Officer.

Program Managers/Coordinators

The Program Managers and Coordinators are responsible for delivering and implementing the various SRF programs and contractual projects. The Program Managers oversees the work of coordinators and field staff.

Local Volunteer Teams

Staff and volunteers are working locally in each community implementing our programs in the field.

Organization Chart of PJKS an CSR approved NGO

organisational structure of csr approved NGO