Funding Partners of Parvatiya Jankalyan Sansthan a CSR Funds NGO

Donors Project/Assignment name Amount (in INR)
Department of Science and Technology To Develop and Promote Cultivation of Medicinal Plants in Different Condition with the help of Greenhouse Technology 5.5 lacs
Ministry of Rural Development, GOI Drought Prone Areas Development Programme for Pauri District, Uttarakhand 5.5 crores
Department of Land Resources, GOI / Watershed Management Directorate, Uttarakhand
Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchai Yojna (Erstwhile IWMP; Integrated Watershed Management Programme) 16.5 crores
Council for Advancement of People’s Action and Rural Technology
Construction of Temporary Shelter for Earthquake
An Effort to “Promote Cultivation of Medicinal Plants” in Bhilangana Block Under Public Cooperation
Horticulture Development in a Cluster of Three Villages (Bhilangana Valley of Tehri Garhwal)
Promotion of Vermi Composting in Bhilangana Block, Tehri Garhwal
16 lacs
5 lacs
3.39 lacs
3.30 lacs
SIMAVI Netherland
Preventive Care & Awareness for the Rural Hills Women. 27 lacs
SIFPSA funded by USAID
Popularising Population Control Major for Family Health Through Mass Awareness & Health Service at Doorstep 30 lacs
Indo German Social Service Society (IGSSS), New Delhi
Women Awareness Balwari Programme
Preparatory Phase of Watershed Management in Two Villages
Integrated Development of Traditional System of Medicine in Bhilangana Block (Tehri Garhwal)
Gangar Gad Watershed Management Programme
Networking and Capacity Building of Small NGO’s in Uttarakhand Region
Emergency Relief for Earthquake
India Canada Corporation Office (ICCO), New Delhi Hol-Agro-Herbal- (Integrated) Diversity Conservation Programme, Bhilangana Block of Tehri Garhwal 12 lacs