PARVATIYA   JAN KALYAN   SANSTHAN  {PJKS}   is  a   community based  non   profit  organization which often uses its own resources to serve the   community,  continuing  this missionary   zeal PJKS used its own resources  initially to survey the   eye related  diseases in   Bhatta   kyarkuli   village   neighbouring    Mussoorie and in   the Mehuwala village   Dehradun.Our   camp  area   selection    was    need    based  on      community need assessment.According to the Government census Bhatta kyarkuli  village consists of more than 65 families, only one Community Health centre working with Ayurveda pathy being served by an Ayurvedic physician & a pharmacist is serving the whole village. Inspite of doing what they can, the government has still failed to provide adequate health services to the villagers. There’s a shortage of doctors, nurses, and  Chemists in Primary Health Care Centres.

PJKS tried to analyse the condition of Eye Vision care facilities in the Bhatta kyarkuli village & these were virtually non-existent.Similarly our selection of Mehuwala village in Dehradun was also demand based.Mehuwala village has huge population density of more than 120 families. A large number of families are from minority classes.Mehuwala has been an agricultural village but it is fast turning up into an Urban area due to an inward migration from different parts of the state.Because of massive population the pollution graph here isincreasing gradually & harming the Eye vision of the village residents.The conditions of the Primary Health care centres are alike to Bhatta kyarkuli village in Mussoorie.There is inadequacy in quality based health services specially for the EYE Vision care.Responding to the need of spreading awareness aboutvisionary discomforts of locals across all age groups.PJKS decided to seek co ordinated help from ALOKA VISION CARE Banglore and CARL ZEISS Company of Germany in organizing EYE HEALTH CHECK CAMPS on 24th & 25th April 2018 in Mehuwala Dehradun & Bhatta kyarkuli villages respectively.

On 24th april 2018 from 10:00 AM  camp was started at Mehuwala panchayat Bhawan.A team of
six highly experienced Eye specialists from Germany as well as Banglore gave their services in the camp.Inthis camp our Targeted beneficiaries were 120 families ,110 of them got benefitted through this extensive camp. The Eye camp Programme was completed by 4:30 PM.The camp in Bhatta kyarkuli village Mussoorie was held on 25th april 2018 between 12:30 PM to 5:30 PM,at sharp 12:30 PM.Under this camp total 47 families got benefitted out of 65 targeted families.PJKS choseBhatt hospital as a venue to conduct the camp as it was easily approachable by the villagers.Through both the Eye camps Total 157Men,Women,Senior citizens & Children got the specialist eye care services. Those who were diagnosed as cataract on eye examination were further advised to take benefit of Cataract surgery at KAILASH HOSPITAL Dehradun.Those patients who belonged to the BPL(BELOW POVERTY LINE) category were given free spectacles.Community leaders thanked PJKS for organizing these two prodigious EYE CHECK UP camp & suggested that this bondage between PJKS & the COMMUNITY PEOPLE should be strengthened further.
After these camps PJKS is being flooded by the demands from the different corners of Raipur block,Sahaspur block,Doiwala block & other blocks for organizing such camp in their respective localities PJKS is sensitive to such demands of the community and for this is calling for medical,financial & human resource support from various philanthropic organizations in order to help in the pursuit of providing timely & specialized services to unserved area of  the Uttarakhand in the sphere of Eye care diagnostic & restoration processes. Our approach to eye care is also preventive & of spreading eye care hygiene to various actions of the society particulary Children & women folk in the area. PJKS also intends to organize emergency eye camps
whenever there is sudden outbreak of Eye epidemics example Conjunctivitis, Strabismus, Uveitis etc